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Bank Alfalah is one of the most popular and trustworthy banks in the country. The bank hasn’t reached this level of popularity for no reason. They have consistently stayed ahead of the curve not only in their services but also in their corporate social responsibility. Find out what the bank is up to recently and why it is winning hearts.

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The Latest Ad

The latest ad by Bank Alfalah is definitely going to attract customers. The bank posted a clip about the latest services they offer for those who are differently-abled. In a brilliant stroke, the ad also features someone who is speaking to us in sign language and there is a voiceover to support them.

Kudos to Bank Alfalah for taking this initiative and being the leader in the field. Have a look at the video here:

What Are They Offering?

bank alfalah differently-abled
Image Source: Bank Alfalah

The latest services offer ease and comfort for those who are not typically abled. This includes the ability to open accounts or do account-related work without coming to branches. In case they do have to come to the branch, there will be separate counters for them. In addition to that, there will also be different card services offered to them through which taking cash out will also be made easier.

bank alfalah differently-abled
Image Source: Bank Alfalah

All these initiatives have been implemented to make banking easier for differently-abled people. The way one is or is born should never hold them back from doing the needful.

Why Is This So Important?

It was high time banks and other institutions actively start including differently-abled people in their policies. In Pakistan, the culture of this kind of people being dependent on others entirely is rampant. This is because the world outside is only made for the neuro-typical and typically abled people only. With the change Alfalah bank is bringing, one can be optimistic.

bank alfalah differently-abled
Image Source: Bank Alfalah

It is important to note that we can only progress by making such everyday general services easier and more convenient for everyone. These inclusive measures will encourage the country to stand behind everybody and uplift each other as a whole. If we can’t look out for our own, who will? 

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