mera safar mera azm
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Women’s Day on 8th March is a very important day. Globally, everybody comes together to stand up for equal rights for women, inviting attention to the struggles of women that go unheard whilst also pushing for a better world for women.

This year’s International Women’s Day was no different. What particularly stood out was PSO’s efforts through their latest DVC ‘Mera Safar Mera Azm”. Here’s why it’s the best thing you need to see:

What Is The DVC About?

The DVC shows women from different roles. There is a female biker, a female boxer, a working mother and an intellectually driven woman, and a female pump worker! We get an insight into all these different women in their day-to-day lives which is brilliant. Showing women in different roles is important because it normalizes them taking these roles. Moreover, they help us build a diverse image in our minds about what a working woman looks like!

mera safar mera azm
Image Source: Twitter

PSO’s initiative to put forth this incredible and progressive DVC on 8th March hit the bull’s eye. The theme of this year’s women’s day was #BreakTheBias and that’s precisely what this DVC does. It breaks our biases against what women can and can not achieve— they are out there, every day, serving in these roles. Why overlook that?

PSO’s Progressive Journey

PSO is a leader and trend-setter in the energy sector. The company has been involved in ground-breaking initiatives in technology & sustainability. However, that’s not all it’s doing. It has also been paving the way for companies in men-dominated sectors to become more progressive and open-minded. Showing and actively supporting women’s empowerment and gender equality is a part of corporate social responsibility! 

mera safar mera azm
Image Source: Twitter

This DVC is also not just an ad that fulfills PSO’s responsibility entirely. PSO is also embodying an inclusive culture by employing more women in technical roles and managerial positions across the organization. They’re the first company to hire female pump attendants at their fuel stations. No job is only a man’s job!

Have A Look At The DVC

What Do People Think?

People have taken very warmly to the DVC,  “Mera Safar Mera Azm.” The ad is being appreciated by almost everyone who watches it. People took to Twitter to share how impressed they are with the DVC. It is not every day that companies like PSO make such brilliant, informative, and eye-opening ads that make one reflect on their surroundings.

Hear from them:

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