The developers at WhatsApp have released new updates in beta for the free messaging and calling application. These new features are still being tested and are worked upon. It will take a few days before the final finishing touches become a part of the application.

New Fonts

One of the unique features the application may soon have is the addition of new fonts to make conversations more fun. The addition of the fonts feature comes after the inclusion of the bold, italics, and strikethrough features the company rolled out earlier this year.

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In order to separate them from the original WhatsApp font, the user will need to insert “` grave accents at both the beginning and end of a message.

This feature is currently for iOS, Android, and Web platform users, however, before sending the message; users will be able to preview how the message appears on iOS and Android platforms but not the desktop version of Whatsapp.

Send Recordings Directly

Now, users will be abe to record and send voice messages and this time the user will be able to send the messages directly without having to constantly open windows of each chat to do so.

New Alerts During Poor Signals

Downloading media through poor connection can take a very long time. Often, users are unaware that the media file is taking too long because of the connection. The new WhatsApp alert feature will alert users when the connection is poor so that the media file can be downloaded later. 

The new and improved WhatsApp will be heading to both the AppStore and PlayStore soon.


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