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In a circular taking the internet by storm, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently made it compulsory for schoolgirls to cover themselves up regardless of their age.

All the public sector schools were required to abide by the instruction to ensure that girl students wear an abaya, gown or chador “in order to protect them from any unethical incident”.

Take a look at the circular:


Now take a look at the backlash it attracted:

Social media users quoted news, facts, history, logic to challenge this decision and the order immediately received immense backlash, as a result of which it was retracted unexpectedly early.

Notification for School Girls to Wear Abayas Withdrawn After Severe Backlash

However, when most people were busy protesting the order with a focus on girls getting harassed regardless of how they dress, this Pakistani singer and activist directed attention to the harassment of boys, a highly ignored subject in our society.

A survey conducted by the Express Tribune in 2016 showed that more than 50% males admitted to being sexually harassed in their lives. Out of them, more than 80% were less than 18 when they were harassed.

This is just the number of males who admitted to being harassed, which means the actual number of male harassment must be larger.

It is funny then, that as a solution to end (female) harassment, authorities ordered little girls to cover themselves up. By that logic, shouldn’t boys be ordered to do the same?

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