Fans were ecstatic after witnessing the much-anticipated last episode of the groundbreaking serial, Udaari on HUM TV last night! Based on a taboo subject of child sexual abuse, the drama amazingly exposed the heartbreaking truth of our society.

Since the very first episode, the serial Udaari has aired controversial scenes, bold dialogues and had brilliant actors, reaping in high doses of primetime ratings.


Social media was abuzz with support when PEMRA served a legal notice to the drama while last night’s episode was dubbed as one of the best episodes of the show! With powerful acting, an inspirational story and  outstanding performance, Udaari truly is one of the best shows TV shows in Pakistan.

The drama stirred quite the debate on social media that encouraged people with deviant minds to openly acknowledge, address and talk about such a heinous crimes inflicted upon children, especially young girls. The crux of this sensational blockbuster was to motivate sexual abuse victims to talk about sexual harassment openly rather than being ashamed.

Udaari tells the girls of today that they can speak up whether or not it is risky. We showed that we support good causes. We want to talk about the issues that exist in our society and we want to solve them,” said Pakistani actress, Urwa.


The highly successful HUM TV drama, with a 9/10 rating, was jointly produced by Momina Duraid and Kashf Foundation in collaboration with the Canadian Government.

Udaari Producer Momina Duraid Responds to PEMRA Serving Legal Notice for Controversial Scene

It is refreshing to see the positive influence this serial has had on the society, and how fans came out in support. Be it Ahsan Khan’s brilliant acting as a pedophile or Farhan Saeed’s last speech- fans just could not stop gushing over the last episode.  

Twitter was overflowing with praises. Here are some reactions!


Famous Pakistani celebrities such as Naveen Waqar, Adnan Malik, Mira Sethi and others came out in support of Udaari. Watch their high on spirit videos below:

This is what Ahsan Khan had to say about his role: “Momina approached me saying there’s a negative character and we have Pakistan’s top actors lined up for this role, but your name is on the top of the list.”

“I was very excited because it was for a certain cause. When you have a cause attached to the role you see it with a different angle not just for popularity. You view it as a certain duty.”

He revealed how his wife was against him playing the role: “It’s normal for people get a bit judgmental, my wife was a bit concerned about my security, but I eventually managed to convince her.”

About Kashf Foundation 

Kashf Foundation has been working for the economic and social empowerment of women for the past two decades. It believes that Udaari can play a major role in educating people about women’s issues and will encourage them to think about these issues in a more objective and sensitized manner. Kashf’s social programming has included public service campaigns comprising social theatre, trainings, and TV dramas to change social attitudes and cultural biases that hinder women and girls from contributing to the economy.

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