Guess whose Twitter account got deactivated? Yes! The famous Twitterati and the US President, Donald Trump’s Twitter account got deactivated. It was shut down for 11 minutes on Thursday, 2nd November 2017.

Mr. Trump, who has 41.7 million followers, was really upset by this news. The social media company started its investigation as soon as the news was aired, and came to the conclusion that a former employee deactivated Mr. President’s account on his last day at work.

This act started a debate regarding the security of Mr. Donald Trump’s social media accounts..

Trump has been actively using the Twitter platform to promote his policies and to attack his opponents ever since he has taken over the office in January 2017. The personal account of Trump got deactivated, however, the official account @POTUS was unaffected.

Twitteratis could not resist taking this whole scenario to the next level.

They expressed their happiness through memes and gifs.

Many tweeted that the world actually was at peace for those 11 minutes.

Some even wanted to give awards and medals to this unsung hero!

The account has now been activated. Donald Trump is also back in action and has announced a punishment for the employee.

Now let’s see whats coming ahead. After-all he’s DONALD TRUMP.

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