Recently, the country’s first Traffic Educational Park was constructed at the University of Education campus in Faisalabad.

One of the major causes of death is cited as road traffic injuries which, according to World Health Organization, were one of the leading causes of death in 2012, claiming nearly 3500 lives each day.

For a country like Pakistan where the majority of the deaths are usually cited as natural or accidental, traffic accidents and car crashes are amongst the top most!



According to the Faisalabad Chief Traffic Officer, Arif Shahbaz Khan, the park features information regarding zebra crossing, traffic lane discipline, and safety gadgets, with a lot of emphasis being put on technology.

“Boys like to show off and perform stunts on motorcycles…there has been a corresponding rise in the number of road accidents”, he said

According to the numbers, these motorcycle stunts have gone down since the traffic police has started arresting them.

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For the CTO, prevention of road-related injuries and basic education of road skills is at the top of the list, at the moment.

“We realised there was a crucial need to raise awareness about traffic rules…precious lives can be saved,” Khan said. “Since most of the road accidents occur due to drivers not being aware of basic traffic rules,” he added.

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Traffic awareness is a subject that is not deemed important at all and therefore, a step taken by the Faisalabad Traffic Police might go a long way in preventing injuries.

The city traffic police have also launched an information desk to guide motorists regarding traffic flow and jams in the city. Various sessions targeted at road safety education have been opened in around 30 universities and schools across the city.

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