Top 5 Private Investment Destinations: Pakistan Makes it to the List!

Pakistan has always been a very unpredictable country. Whether it be sports or economy, the nation has proved to have done wonders. An example of this is the amount invested in the country for development.

According to reports, the number of money invested in a country saw a positive increase by 37% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

On closer examination, the increase over 2016 levels is attributable to a few megaprojects in China and Indonesia as well as a recovery in South Asia, led mainly by Pakistan.

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The report also shared the following pointers;

  • China, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and Pakistan were the top five investment destinations and together attracted 58 percent of global investments.
  • Barring Mexico, with a share of commercial financing of 63 percent, for all the other top five investment destinations the share of commercial financing is quite low with Indonesia raising only 23 percent of its total debt as commercial finance, Pakistan—only 7 percent and Brazil—only 4 percent.

What is your take on this?

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