THE Ranking: 21 Pakistani Universities Make It To World’s Top Universities

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Pakistan has made quite a journey in the positive direction when it comes to the education level in the country. Just four years ago, in 2017, only four Pakistani universities made it to the 1000 top universities in the world. This year, fortunately, we see 21 universities on the list. It has been a positive year with regard to education anyway because not too long ago, we came across how 16 universities made it to the top Asian universities’ ranking as well.

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Pakistan in THE Ranking 2022 

The list released for 2022 includes seven universities in the top 800 universities. If we look at the top 1000 universities then 11 universities had the honor. And out of the 1600 universities, there are 21 Pakistani universities. Shafqat Mahmood, the Federal Minister of Education shared these numbers in a tweet.

He also went on to elaborate further on Pakistan’s track record in global recognition within the education category.

In the tweet, he said “Pakistan is one of the world’s fastest-improving nations on key metrics for universities. We are among the top-5 nations for improvements in research citations and industry links.”

The UK team of the Times Higher Education (THE) met with the Federal Minister to congratulate Pakistan on its achievements. The team was comprised of Chief Knowledge Officer Phil Baty and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Liz Shepard.

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Data for the list 

The rankings were accumulated after analyzing a vast quantity of data. It was stated that almost 108 million citations and 4.4 million research publications were looked at. Alongside this, the team at THE also analyzed 430,000 data points of 2144 participating institutions.

After 22,000 respondents completed 140,000 reputation survey votes worldwide, only 1,662 institutions could compete for these rankings.

Pakistani universities

The top Pakistani university in the ranking this year is Quaid-i-Azam University. It was the same last year as well. This year the rank is between 501-600.

Some of the Pakistani universities that are on the list are:

  • Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
  • Government College University Faisalabad
  • Hazara University Mansehra
  • International Islamic University Islamabad
  • University of Malakand
  • University of Peshawar
  • NUST
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  • COMSATS University Islamabad
  • LUMS

Aside from these 11, there are ten more. So it is safe to say that Pakistan is on the right trajectory towards success. Well then, are you going to enroll in these universities or are you still planning to apply abroad?

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