The Great Khali, declared the strongest man on earth, is now the brand ambassador of Ambuja Cement.

It is a great marketing tactic to make the consumers aware of the brand’s persona through their new advertisements campaign which must be measurable and not leave anything to the imagination. In Ambuja’s case, Khali, who most of us know through Bigg Boss, is used as the icon who has always had issues with broken walls and floors. When he has the ability to turn a wooden table into smoke or to make a hole in the wall just by his head, what can the solution be? That’s right, Ambuja Cement!

The TVC will crack you up. Who can resist a great man falling through floors, leaving innocent holes in the walls and just being helpless about it all? Watch the TVC here.

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The Ad has been conceptualized by Publicis creative agency and it has gone viral on social media.

It is a commendable effort and a great thought to portray the brand as the synonym of strength. Through this advertisement, the brand not only portrays what benefits it can offer, but is also giving us a parameter of the strength that it can hold. If the Great Khali cannot break it, how can you!