Suzuki has been an established brand for the middle income class in Pakistan since 1988 and it is still one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in Pakistan. The new automobile policy and lower duties have increased market competition for Pak Suzuki in recent times, because of which they had to discontinue one of their best sellers- “Alto” and replace it with “Wagon R” which in terms of specifications and make is superior to Alto.

Suzuki Wagon R has been introduced in 3 variants, namely VX, VXR and VXL. 


Suzuki to Launch 2 New Variants Along With Cultus & Mehran Replacements

Specs & Features

The difference between variants is considerable to a normal buyer. The WagonR VX does not have an AC, power windows, audio system, power steering or an air conditioning system. It is the most basic variant in the market and any luxury in the car needs to be included and bought by the owners themselves.

The WagonR VXR is a variant where some of the extended features are added; these features are mainly the air conditioning, power steering, audio system.

The WagonR VXL is the most deluxe version of Wagon R. The car includes a central locking system, front door powered windows, audio system with speakers, air conditioning, power steering and a security alarm.

It is a 1000cc with a K-series engine that is best for the economical fuel consumption. The K series engine powered by the state-of-the-art, K series engine that delivers best fuel economy.

This does not go without saying that Wagon R has an improved 998cc K108 engine with 12 valves and a superior fuel consumption ratio as compared to other Suzuki cars available in the market with a better quality drive as a bonus.

The different prices that are available at:

VX- Rs. 859,000/-

VXR- Rs. 979,000/-

VXL- Rs. 1,019,000/-

Some consumers have reviewed the car and claimed that Wagon R may give 21 km/liter in ideal conditions.

Suzuki to Invest $460Mn in Pakistan if New Auto Policy Revised

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