This Ramadan, we came across numerous social welfare campaigns aimed at the betterment of our society. Since the message of the holy month is kindness and gratitude, the people of Pakistan did their utmost to help those in need.

Amongst those, one campaign worth mentioning was the outdoor activity by Surf Excel in partnership with Kinetic Pakistan, the largest outdoor Media Agency in the country. Kinetic Pakistan has been behind all the top outdoor campaigns in the country and this time was no different.

The Ramadan campaign executed by Surf Excel and Kinetic Pakistan revolved around sharing our bountiful resources with those who are not as blessed.

surf excel 4

Surf Excel and Kinetic Pakistan set up a Shelter of Kindness in numerous cities of Pakistan namely Karachi, Lahore, Multan & Faisalabad. In these cities 60 locations were chosen for the execution of this idea. People came forward to donate clothes in large numbers.

surf excel 3

Pakistan is a land full of innumerable bounties. However, these bounties are not equally enjoyed amongst the people. Some people have everything, while others lack even the most basic necessities such as clean clothes.

surf excel 2

In Ramadan especially people try hard to help those in need, but due to some reason are unable to do so. This campaign allowed them to share a small amount of what they had, with those who have nothing. The entire campaign facilitated the idea of donation, to help those who wish to donate. For this Surf Excel and Kinetic Pakistan converted bus stops into the Shelter of Kindness.

Anyone with the intention of donating unused clothes could visit the nearest shelter and do so with ease. Often people feel hesitant while donating stuff because they are unsure if the items will reach those who need them. But the genuineness of this campaign put their fears at ease.

surf excel

All the items received were given out to the less fortunate, making Eid a little bit happier for them.

The effort should certainly be lauded. Bridging the gap but the priviledged and the less fortunate is not an easy task. But this campaign came quite close in doing to. We hope to see more of such campaigns in the future.