The land of Pakistan has had its fair share of controversies. Time and again we have been informed that our food is prepared from some not so halal sources. Yet time and again we resilient people stop caring and continue on with the meat fest. In the past, we received news that meat being sold in the Punjab province included donkey, dog and even pig. And now, not to stay behind, we have Sindh introducing snake and turtle meat.

As reported by Geo in Thatta, some 92 Kilometers from Karachi, police has seized a considerable amount of snake and turtle meat, that was to be transported to hotels in the metropolis. Unfortunately, the suspect escaped before an arrest could be made.

                                                                                    Picture Courtesy Geo TV

The police also found live snakes and turtles at the scene which were handed over to the Wildlife department officials. Sadly the names of the hotels this meat was intended for cannot be known. The officials were not sure whether the reptiles were imported or caught locally.

Snake and turtle meat is a delicacy in many countries. It could be a possibility that this meat was on its way to restaurants with exotic menus or ones which cater to foreigners. For now, we can only hope the burger we had yesterday was prepared with meat that came from a cow.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

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