Ramadan is the time when our everyday routine changes drastically. The sleep cycle changes, our eating and drinking habits as well. All this can have adverse effects on our skin. Since Eid is the time when everybody wants to look their best, taking care of your skin all through Ramadan is important.

We barely get proper sleep during Ramadan and then the lack of water doesn’t give it the proper hydration it requires. Add to it the fried and oily things we consume for iftaar, you get the general idea.

So what can you do to minimize damage to your skin to prevent breakouts and dry skin? Here are a few Ramadan-friendly tips you can try that will help for sure.

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Have some dates

A staple for Ramadan, no iftaar table is complete without dates. But did you know they are great for skin and hair too? Loaded with iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, folic acids, proteins, vitamins and fiber, all nutrients that are excellent for the skin. Dates help increase elasticity of skin, repair damaged cells and also make you look younger. So have some, but in moderation as they are also in sugar.


Munch on fruits

Fruits too can be seen on the iftaar table almost daily in the form of fruit chaat, or juices. Excellent sources the necessary nutrients fruits also have a high content of water that help keep skin hydrated and younger looking.

fruit chaat


Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. As you already spend the better part of the day without water, your skin tends to dry up. Keep moisturizing throughout the day, to keep it soft.


Drink up

Once the fast ends, don’t forget to consume at least 8 glasses of water. This will help flush out the toxins accumulated in the body during the day and make your skin glow.

glasses of water

Go low on sodium, caffeine and soda

Did you know, if you take too much sodium, it can result in you getting cellulite. You are getting enough water, try to keep the sodium low. Also cut back on coffee and fizzy drinks.


Exfoliate and protect

Before going to bed at night, exfoliate and wash your face. If you have to leave the house during the day, don’t forget to use sun block.


Follow these tips and you would look great on Eid!

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