Sindh Government Announces Shift To Solar Power For Major Hospitals

Sindh Government Announces Shift To Solar Power For Major Hospitals
Source: PakTV

The Sindh government has taken a significant step towards sustainability by announcing plans to shift major hospitals in the province to solar power. This initiative is part of the government’s larger solar power plan, aimed at reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and promoting clean, renewable energy solutions. The announcement was made by the Provincial Minister of Sindh for Energy, Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh, during the inauguration of a solar power park in the Karachi press club.

The logistics of the plan

The solar power park, with a capacity of 60KV, will play a crucial role in meeting 90 percent of the press club’s power needs. This is a significant milestone in the government’s efforts to harness the power of the sun and provide sustainable energy solutions. Minister Sheikh also highlighted that government buildings, prisons, and schools will be included in the solar power plan, with the aim of ending electricity load shedding in the province.

Sindh govt announces to shift govt offices to solar power - Pakistan Observer
Source: Pak Observer

The minister emphasized that the government’s objective is to address the economic crisis and uplift the country. By investing in solar power, the government hopes to create a more sustainable and self-reliant energy sector. Minister Sheikh took the opportunity to criticize the PTI government, accusing them of hindering power projects in Sindh. He expressed confidence that the PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) will secure victory in the upcoming elections, highlighting their commitment to promoting renewable energy and sustainable development.

Provincial and Federal agenda aligning

This announcement from the Sindh government aligns with the federal government’s efforts to embrace solar power. Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed the conversion of all federal government buildings in Islamabad to solar power within a strict timeframe of seven weeks. This directive showcases the government’s determination to reduce the country’s reliance on imported fuel and embrace renewable energy sources. The prime minister also instructed officials to initiate solarization projects in other parts of the country, extending the benefits of solar power to various regions.

With solar mosques and schools, Pakistan's northwestern province pushes clean energy | Arab News PK
Source: Arab News

The shift to solar power for major hospitals is a commendable move by the Sindh government. Solar energy offers a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional power sources, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental preservation. By embracing solar power, hospitals can ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply, leading to improved healthcare services. Moreover, the initiative to expand solar power to government buildings, prisons, and schools will have a significant impact on reducing electricity load shedding and enhancing energy efficiency in the province.

The Sindh government’s commitment to renewable energy is a step in the right direction, contributing to the overall development and sustainability of the province. It sets an example for other regions and institutions to follow, encouraging the adoption of clean energy solutions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. With continued efforts and investments in solar power, Pakistan can pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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