Shaan gives Saif Ali Khan a wakeup call after his upsetting remarks on Pakistan. One of the most celebrated actor from Pakistan fim industry Shaan went all ballistic on Saif Ali Khan, contending: “Faithless saif needs to find life beyond Pakistan!”

Earlier today he published a post on Facebok where he gave Saif a tongue-lashing.

Shaan Shahid's response to Saif Ali Khan

Shaan was not the only one to react aggressively to Saif’s comments, but other Pakistani actors are also coming down like a ton of bricks on Bollywood star lately. Before Shaan, Hamza Ali Abbasi also hit back at Saif Ali Khan, calling him “hateful actor” following his whines.

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Saif Ali Khan’s disruptive comments, after his film “Phantom” got banned in Pakistan became the moot point of the squabble. His comments caused severe agitation among Pakistanis who reacted strongly over the social media.

From defensive patriotic tweets.

To sarcastic letters on social media.

Sarcastic letter to Saif Ali Khan

Offended Pakistanis are roused up to action over social media.

Saif Ali Khan meme