A vast number of Pakistani nationals have been living and working in Saudi Arabia since decades. The trend is an ongoing one and people are always looking for opportunities to work in the Kingdom due to better pay and a higher standard of living.

However, the visa process is long and tedious. There are now changes implemented by the Labor Law department that will change the visa process for employment visas issued for private sector companies in Saudi Arabia. It has been reported that the said visa will now be valid for a period of one year only.

According to Minister of Labor and Social Development, Dr. Ali Al Ghafis,

“This rule is not applicable for visas issued to government servants and domestic workers coming to work in Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi Gazette further reported that the decision has been taken according to Article 11 of the Labor Law. The minister can take procedures that are deemed necessary for improving the efficiency of the employment market.

The country has been undergoing major changes, earlier this week Minister, Ali Al Ghafis announced another order that allows foreign mothers of Saudis as well as non-Saudi children to Saudi women to work in professions which were previously only allowed for Saudi nationals.

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