Sahir Lodhi’s movie ‘Raasta’ has just hit the cinemas recently and has been cited to be a super-flop by critics and viewers. The actor and producer, Sahir Lodhi himself has been under the spotlight constantly for lashing out at the critics who for harsh remarks againsgt his movie.


On being called Pakistan’s Shah Rukh Khan!



Lodhi is popular as being called the ‘Shah Rukh Khan of Pakistan’. However, on being compared to SRK, he also had a thing or two to say about the whole issue.

In an interview with Images, Sahir talked about all the hate he receives. He was asked about his obsession with SRK and here’s how he responded!

“I don’t know why people ask me this irrelevant question. Mein thak gaya hoon is sawaal se. (I’m tired of this question).”

Sahir did not leave it at that. He talked about the time he met SRK and what the Bollywood superstar had to say about it.

“SRK sat across from me in an interview and said two people can look alike and sound alike but that doesn’t mean that they copy each other. The worst part is that, in 11 years, no one has seen me”

The ‘Raasta’ star went on to talk about the mentality of people in the country. He believes that a few people also suffer from an inferiority complex and therefore, make fun of him

“Whatever they say about me, or SRK, my response is that these people suffer from an inferiority complex. They enjoy putting others down, disrespecting them, making fun of them”

Even with thousands of followers on Facebook, the actor has garnered negative attention from many people, who make fun of Lodhi, his acting, and performances.

“They are not Sahir Lodhi, however much they may rave or rant. People don’t gather around them, people don’t want to take selfies with them. I’m not going to stop just because they want me to stop.”


Looks like the popular performer is tired of being told all his work is highly inspired from the King of Bollywood, SRK.


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