The humanity suffered a cruel blow yesterday when Pakistan witnessed a brutal suicide attack at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore on Sunday. The massive blast has killed over 70 innocent people and injured over 250, mostly women and children.

The inhumane attack, however, has united the world as people from every nation have stood up in solidarity with Pakistan.

Indian and Pakistani celebrities not only condemned this terrorist activity but also expressed their solidarity; #PrayforPakistan is going viral on the social media, from celebrities to the public, every soul is mourning the heinous attack.

Social media is flooded with tweets and posts by celebrities who are constantly condemning the massacre and expressing support for Lahoris and Pakistanis.

Not only Pakistani, but Indian celebrities have also expressed grief over the issue!


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The blast may have intended to disintegrate the world but ironically it has managed to unite the world. From Omni Dallas to Eiffel Tower in Paris and firms like Microsoft, all showed solidarity over the Lahore Blast.

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he solidarity, love and prayers received from all over the globe gave Pakistanis a ray of hope in this time of hardship. It is a glimpse of how we all are united as one and no act of terrorism can tear us apart.

Lahore Blast 2016 Condemned By World Leaders

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