Before social media took the world by storm, different firms used the medium of print and television to advertise their products. The birth of social media giants has given them a platform where they can advertise their products with the click of a button, that too at a low cost.

SocialBakers, a social media analyzing company, recently published a report which highlighted the social media statistics of the top 20 brands in Pakistan for the month of June.

The report is divided into separate figures for brands on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Last month, Facebook was ruled by bigwigs like Jazz, McDonald’s, Samsung, and RedBull.

Jazz, famous for its innovative marketing strategies, keeps on updating its followers on regular basis. They not only marketed their service promotions but also took part in different campaigns for the ICC World Champions Trophy 2017

The report also stated that Soya Supreme has the fastest growing Facebook page.

Apparently, the brand boasted a tremendous increase in the number of their followers.

Telenor was labeled as the “Most Socially Devoted Brand”.

The page had a 100% response rate and a response time of 26 minutes.


Samsung was leading Twitter with highest average post interaction per 1000 fans.

Huawei stood second with the most socially devoted brand

It recorded 44,675 followers and an average response rate of 79.17%.


Oppo took the lead in this category with the top spot in highest uploaded video views.

Surf Excel took the lead in another category with the highest average interaction per 1000 fans.