Health Insurance in Pakistan is often perceived as an added expenditure, rather than a blessing. Changing this misconception, PICIC Insurance has recently launched an ad film that focuses on the importance of a “Sahi Faisla – The Right Decision”.

The film takes a narrator’s angle of an average Pakistani who is haunted by the repercussions of a wrong decision: the decision to carry on without a Health Insurance.


The ad reiterates the fact that Pakistan is predominated by a culture where businesses often tend to miss the importance of Health Insurance leading to situations where the employee might have to deal with severe physical and emotional trauma.

Through this Ad, PICIC insurance is determined to speak in favor of the employees who suffer from the consequences the wrong decisions made by their employer. When businesses make the right decision to make health care affordable, only then can organizations progress towards a healthier and happier workplace.

Watch the one-minute Ad film here:

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The campaign is followed by a Facebook app called, “Sahi Faisla” that will help businesses and employees to work together on their insurance plans. Through this app employees can contact PICIC Insurance directly by sharing their Health Insurance concerns and in the effort allowing the company to strive to match their individual expectations and help the organization build consensual “Sahi Faisla” that fits the bill.

What is PICIC Insurance?

One of the fastest growing insurance companies of Pakistan,  PICIC deals with all classes of general Insurance.

Backed by renowned international reinsurers such as SCOR Global P&C, Korean Re, Trust Re, Swiss Re, AIG & Ace. The company works towards enabling businesses to nurture their employees by covering the costs of all medical needs of the employee and his/her family.

For those who don’t know, PICIC’s Health Insurance for businesses is a well-rounded package. The Insurance lets its client enjoy cashless facility by issuing customized Health Insurance cards that enables access to a strong network of hospitals and medical facilities nationwide.