Pakistan, even though the economy has developed and times have changed, facilities like PayPal and ApplePay are still nowhere to be found.

While PayPal is one of the most common and most used online payment methods, there seems to be no hope for the service to come in Pakistan anytime soon.

Meanwhile, 1LINK Limited brought the country’s first domestic online service called “PayPak” aimed at providing efficient, cost-effective, robust and ubiquities payments solutions.

PayPak’s strategic objective includes offering Domestic Payment Scheme to low-costs cost payment services to every citizen of Pakistan.

According to a source;

“Currently PayPak has issued around 200,000 cards to local consumers and numbers are growing with each passing day.”

Sources have revealed that there are 4 Global Payment Schemes (Visa, Master, Union Pay, and JCB) providing services to customers in Pakistan right now.

PayPak will soon start offering chip-based card and they are going to be safer than the currently issued magstripe cards. This will reduce the risk of data skimming and improve service quality.

Several banks and institutions have already started giving this service to their customers.
What are your thoughts about PayPak?
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