The major ongoing crisis in Pakistan at the moment is the availability of unhygienic food. From milk to poultry everything has been found to be fake and been mixed with impurities.

Shocking revelations surfaced in a Senate Standing Committee meeting that took place in Islamabad on health issues. During the meeting, it was disclosed by District Health Officer, Agha Najeeb that meat of dead or unhygienic chickens is being used in all the major hotels and restaurants in the city.

The following Hotels and Restaurants have been found using Unhygienic Chicken in Islamabad:

  1. Serena
  2. Marriott
  3. Savour Foods
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Al Habib Restaurant

He also mentioned that his teams recovered tonnes of meat in the storage of the above-mentioned hotels and restaurants. The teams also tried to seal off the hotels but were unable to take any further action against them due to their influential connections.

Apart from the issue of unhygienic chickens, Senator Mian Attique spoke about the dilution of milk using urea fertilizer and detergent powder. He further suggested that a meeting of Pakistan Dairy Association should be called to settle the issue. It was also informed that 25,000 liters of milk have already been wasted because of mixing and impurities.

Haram Meat Caught Being Sold in a Super Store!

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