The deadly ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is a game that has taken many lives during its tenure. It has affected teenagers world over due to the nature of the game. Curiosity, thrill, and danger are what has motivated everyone to try out this challenge.

The game can only be accessed through the dark web and the final task asks players to commit suicide. It has been popular amongst people who have been facing loneliness, depression and are undergoing a difficult stage in life.

There have been reports of various cases related to the Blue Whale Challenge in Pakistan. Yesterday 3 boys in Lahore have been arrested for being involved in the challenge. The boys were tracked by the FIA Punjab Cyber Crime Department after they received information from Interpol National Central Bureau who had seen some activity spike up from their location.

The Boys from Lahore that are reported to be involved in the Blue Whale Challenge

However, this is not the first time that such news has come up. Previously, two Pakistani teenagers were expelled from their college after the authorities were tipped-off that both the girls were playing the deadly ‘Blue Whale Challenge’.

Both girls, belonging to Grade 11 and 12, students of Government Girls Degree College Pind Dadan Khan in Jhelum had razor cuts on their arm, which had been picked from a concerned student

Pakistani Teenagers Playing ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ Expelled from College

At a time like this, it is important for parents to create awareness about the dangers of this game. It would be helpful if schools and teachers also stay vigilant on this issue. We are saying this because despite countless efforts of preventing this deadly suicide game is still going viral.

It was recently reported that Pakistan ranks at #1 for most searches worldwide for the term ‘Blue Whale’ according to Google Trends.

Pakistan Ranks at Top For ‘Blue Whale’ Searches Worldwide