Pakistan’s cricket landscape is abuzz with controversy following revelations from an independent medical committee report on the injury and rehabilitation of fast bowler Ihsanullah.

The damning document sheds light on the alarming mismanagement of Ihsanullah’s injury, sending shockwaves through the cricket community.

Dr. Sohail Saleem, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) chief medical officer, has tendered his resignation in the wake of the scathing report, which paints a picture of negligence and professional incompetence.

The report, compiled by a panel of independent experts, exposes critical lapses in judgment and delays in diagnosis that ultimately derailed Ihsanullah’s promising career.

Ihsanullah, who was injured last April, did not receive the right treatment and attention from PCB’s medical panel, which further worsened the injury.


Despite suffering from a debilitating elbow injury, Ihsanullah’s pain was inadequately treated, and essential rehabilitation measures were neglected, leading to a prolonged period of uncertainty and anguish for the young cricketer.

Central to the report’s findings is the revelation of a significant delay in identifying the severity of Ihsanullah’s injury and initiating appropriate medical interventions.

Dr. Saleem’s hurried approach to surgery further compounded the athlete’s plight. “His surgery was planned hurriedly without any specialist review and preoperative assessments,” the report stated.

The committee’s assessment underscores a fundamental failure in adhering to established medical and sports science protocols, with dire consequences for Ihsanullah’s welfare and professional aspirations.

The road to recovery for Ihsanullah remains uncertain, with the panel recommending ‘aggressive physiotherapy’ and possible surgical intervention if significant progress is not made within the next twelve months.


Meanwhile, Dr. Saleem’s resignation marks a tumultuous end to his tenure as the PCB’s chief medical officer, tarnished by controversy.

His departure comes amidst renewed scrutiny of the PCB’s handling of player welfare and medical protocols, raising questions about the board’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of its athletes.

Notably, PCB did not give an update regarding Ihsanullah’s injury for nearly a full year, until Multan Sultans owner Ali Tareen brought the issue to light.

The revelation that Multan Sultans, rather than the PCB, bore the financial burden of Ihsanullah’s recovery further raises question over the board’s responsibility towards its players’ well-being.

It’s unfortunate that a promising youngster is on the sidelines because of the negligence of people, who were supposed to be medical professionals. The saga surrounding Ihsanullah’s injury has reignited debates surrounding accountability and transparency within Pakistan cricket.

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