Cambridge Opens Investigation into Paper Leak Allegations

Cambridge International Education (CIE) is looking into worries about a possible problem with the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 test that happened on May 2nd, 2024.

In a statement shared on their Facebook page, they stated that they know about the concerns and are checking them. They also mentioned that they’re in talks with the British Council.

However, they also stated that they’ll tell us more when they know, but would not use Facebook as a medium. CIE wants to make sure their tests are fair and honest.

This is making students who did the test really worried. Many of them are talking about it on social media because they’re scared it might affect their grades and what they can do in the future. CIE said in their message that they’re taking this very seriously.

They’re working diligently with the British Council to find out how big the problem is and what could happen because of it. We’re still learning more about this.

We’ve asked people involved for comments about what happened with the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 test. We’ll keep an eye on things and tell you more when we know.

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