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As adoption of Amazon One continues to increase among third-party retailers and their customers, Amazon doubles down on palm recognition across its network of Whole Foods Market stores.

A Seamless Shopping Experience

By the end of this year, all 500+ Whole Foods Market locations in the U.S. will offer Amazon One for payment and Prime membership benefits. This means Whole Foods Market customers who choose to use Amazon One will no longer need their wallet or even a phone to pay. They can simply hover their palm over an Amazon One device. For Prime members who link their Amazon One profile with their Amazon account. Savings will automatically be applied. It’s that simple.

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Expanding Across States

Amazon One is currently available at more than 200 Whole Foods Market locations across the U.S., including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Amazon One will continue to be rolled out to Whole Foods Market stores in other states and U.S. locations over the coming months.

Reflecting Growing Demand

The expansion of Amazon One to all Whole Foods Market stores reflects a growing demand for streamlined and convenient payment options among consumers.

Beyond grocery stores, Amazon One is finding utility in various sectors, from restaurants like Panera Bread to sports venues like Coors Field. Partnerships with businesses like Aramark Sports + Entertainment. Travel retailers demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of Amazon One’s palm recognition technology.

How generative AI helped train Amazon One to recognize your palm
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First-time Amazon One users can pre-enroll online with their credit or debit card, Amazon account, and mobile number, and the process takes about a minute. They can then complete the enrollment process in seconds by scanning their palm over an Amazon One device the next time they visit a participating Whole Foods Market store—or anywhere Amazon One is available.

Enhancing Business Operations

Amazon One helps businesses speed up their identification and payment processes, enable customers to easily link to and access their loyalty programs, verify age, and provide secure access to sports and entertainment venues, office buildings, and more.

With its expansion to all Whole Foods Market stores, Amazon One continues to offer a fast, convenient, and secure option for businesses and consumers alike, promising to redefine the shopping experience with its innovative palm recognition technology.

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