ASP Sheherbano Naqvi Opens Up About Her Salary

ASP Sherbano Naqvi, a dedicated police officer, rose to fame overnight after her bravery in the Icchra incident. Her heroism in rescuing a girl from a dangerous situation made her a household name. Since then, she has been in the spotlight, with numerous interviews and social media attention, including her lavish wedding photos going viral.

Despite the scrutiny, ASP Sherbano remains open and honest about her life and duties. In a recent interview with Sohail Warraich, she shared details about her salary, revealing that she earns 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees per month, along with a car, fuel, and other benefits. She expressed gratitude for the government’s support, acknowledging that her compensation motivates her to excel in her role.

ASP Sherbano’s story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that hard work and dedication can lead to recognition and success. Her commitment to her duties and her willingness to share her experiences with the public have made her a beloved figure, and her heroism continues to inspire many.

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