The latest news from the technological space of Pakistan is that China is all set to establish a grand Science Park in Islamabad worth a whopping $1.5 billion investment.

The construction work of ‘Pak-China Science Park’ will likely start by March 2016 and Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanvir Hussain has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) by the name of Un Urmaqi with his Chinese counterpart in this regard.

The delegation of Chinese Minister for Science and Technology including IT experts is visiting Pakistan in December to finalize the location of this park in Islamabad.

The rest of the particulars and mutual strategy plan will be given final shape once the Chinese Minister and the company decided about the site of this park. No further information about the expected completion date of this mega project has been provided yet but $1.5 billion investment says a lot about its scale.

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Tanvir Hussain, Minister for Science and Technology, appreciated Chinese government for supporting Pakistan in the field of technology. “We are looking to strengthen our mutual ties on economic as well as technological fronts”.

People residing in Islamabad and nearby will have an added advantage by this job creating avenue because it will require noticeable human resources to run such massive scale project. Let hope that project gets away with any delay that will cost us more.