Pakistan’s cinema revival has surprised us all. While we all agree there is no shortage of talent, our film industry has for a while been on shorter end of the stick. Lately however, the cinema has made quite a comeback with popular hits after another. Therefore the time was ripe to make another leap – Exploring the digital world. Pakistan just released its first online movie Oye Kuch Ker Guzar on Youtube.

The movie is a one of its kind wonder, allowing the audience to interact and change the ending according to their preferences. And since it is available on Youtube, it means anyone can watch it right from the comfort of their homes. Oye Kuch Ker Guzar was released earlier this month in December. If you want to know if the movie is worth your time, we bring to you Twitter reactions from all those who have watched it and their reviews.

Following the positive reviews and the glowing recommendations, fan soon starting using funny scenes and clips from the movie and turned them into memes. Take a look at some of the hilarious ones.

As is obvious by the Twitter reviews, the movie has been well received. People loved the idea that they could watch the entire movie just by sitting at home. The plot itself is a very youth-oriented prompting the young ones to take charge of their own destiny. Add to that the funny script at you are looking at a cinematic marvel.

All you need to do is log on to Youtube and stream it online. Interact along, see how different choices affect the outcome of the movie and whether or not your decision would change the fate of the actors.

Watch the first episode of Oye Kuch Ker Guzar: