Moto Mods  have become the talk of the town after being introduced along with the new lineup of Smartphones from Motorola at CES 2017.

The Moto Z Family consists of Moto Z Force Droid, Moto Z, Motorola Z Droid, Moto Z Play, and Moto Z Play Droid. The phones are labelled under Lenovo, as it had purchased Motorola’s handset division in 2014, the phones are till being branded under the name of Moto, using the famous tagline, “Hello Moto.”

Moto Z, Moto Z Play & Moto M to Officially Launch in Pakistan

The company has introduced 6 mods, including JBL SoundBoost Speaker, Moto Insta-Share Projector, Hasselblad True Zoom Camera, Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack, Incipio Vehicle Dock, and mophie juice pack.

Each mod is designed to stick on the back of the phone through magnets, which both the mods and the phone have. The magnets look something like this:

Photo Courtesy: Motorola

It will look like this:

How to Snap-on MOTO Mods

Need help? Here’s a demo on how to snap on the Moto Mods

MOTO Mod Specifications

Here’s a little insight on the Moto Mods:

JBL SoundBoost Speaker


  • Priced for $79.99, which is approximately for PKR 8,380
  • Moto users get a boost anytime and anywhere by just snapping it on
  • Whether they are indoors or out, the speaker offers high-quality JBL stereo sound
  • It has a 10-hour lifespan so you can get a long playtime
  • Equipped with a built-in stand for convenience.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera

Courtesy: Motorola
  • Priced at $300, approx 31,500 PKR
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Xenon flash
  • RAW format images
  • Easy sharing and backup
  • Hasselblad design and ergonomics
  • Easy to snap on

Moto Insta-Share Projector

  • Priced at $300, approximately 31,500 PKR
  • 70″ screen projection
  • Extra hour of screen time
  • Built-in stand
  • Share videos, photos, and more
  • Enjoy a powerful display anytime, anywhere

Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack

  • Priced at $60, approximately 6,300 PKR
  • Upto 22 hours of extra battery life
  • No bulk
  • Available in TUMI and Kate Spade designs
  • Wireless charging available (wireless charger sold separately)

Incipio Vehicle Dock

Photo Courtesy: Motorola
  • Priced at $65, approximately 6,800 PKR
  • Magnetic phone mount
  • Android Auto compatibility
  • 15W fast charging
  • Hassle-free setup

mophie juice pack

Photo Courtesy: Motorola
  • Priced at $80, approximately 8,40 PKR
  • Up to 60% more battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Efficiency mode

Moto Mods Development Kit

Motorola is giving developers a chance to bring their dream mod to life! According to the company, the mods can be anything you like, to take part, developers can join the ‘Transform the Smartphone Challange’. They will have to submit the prototype, using the developer’s kit.

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