This Knock Out Potato Chips TVC Will Leave You Hungry!

The newbie in the snacks market introduced by a well-known food brand Dalda is KnockOut Potato Chips.

Dalda is a name that is synonymous with quality in all its products. Therefore these Potato Chips have been anticipated by food-loving enthusiasts for quite some time!

Dalda has recently rolled out the latest TVC for KnockOut announcing its 5 new exciting flavors.

The TVC is quite different from the usual advertisements we see for snacks in Pakistan. The TVC received over a million views and was highly appreciated.

It is great to see brands trying something new for their products and making product-focused advertisements instead of the usual dancing and singing that clutters the market!

Watch KnockOut’s latest TVC  here!

The snack promise potato chips’ lovers a well-seasoned and natural flavor with a delicious crunch that they cannot say no to.

The brand boasts of 5 diverse and different flavors which are:

  1. Masala Punch
  2. Cheese Overload
  3. Green Chilli
  4. Sour Cream and Onion
  5. Simply Salted

The unique blend of flavors is bound to leave you craving for more! We love the catchy taglines for each flavor and the booming voice-over in the commercial.

The colors used are bright, attractive and definitely catch the eye.