Where would this generation be without Facebook? The popular social media website has taken over the lives of everyone and if we hear someone who doesn’t use it, we gasp in surprise. Almost everyone owning a computer of mobile phone has access to Facebook. With the number of users rapidly growing, the digital giant now took a leap to reach out to those people who currently have limited access to the internet. Introducing Facebook Flex.

This latest free of cost feature is being launched by leveraging upon the reach of Out of Home (OOH) media to engage the maximum number of people. This groundbreaking campaign, merging digital & OOH was recently spotted at the busy Railway station in Lahore.

The innovative DOOH on billboards and bus shelters was conceptualized and deployed by Kinetic Pakistan in collaboration with Momentum Media. The creative content was designed by BBDO Pakistan.

Kinetic Pakistan – one of the leading names in OOH Advertising, has produced many creative and out of the box ideas for its clients in 2016. So it’s hardly surprising their plans for 2017 are bigger than ever. With the help of digital screens, the out of home landscape for advertising is being digitized. Now you can experience OOH advertising like never before.

Facebook Flex

In order to spread the word about Facebook Flex the advertising is targeting the masses on the go, people travelling in vehicles etc. This is an ideal way to engage the audience and have a lasting impact in a short time span. Bus shelters have also been utilized for this purpose. The digital screens relay the message in a simple and straightforward manner catching the audiences’ attention.

First time ever, the digital screens were installed on bus shelters which displayed the Facebook Flex step guide. These eye-catching bus shelters not only transformed the passive OOH vehicle into an engaging experience for the potential viewers but also educated them in turn assisting in converting the audience’s attention into action.

Facebook Flex is a free cost feature launched by the social media website allowing users to access it without internet. Now many people know about it, thanks to the OOH advertising. The campaign made use of a large scale digital billboard on the busy Railway Station road in Lahore. The engaging screen of a smartphone is displayed across it on which an endless conversation on Facebook Messenger is being conducted. This certainly catches the eye of everyone who passes by it. This digital billboard became an instant hit and the talk of the town.

Check out the video below.