The bond bitter-sweet symphony between a husband and wife is beautiful.

Couples often be-friend one another creating a comfort zone in which they pull each other’s leg, add a bit of spice and flavor to their lives while enjoying the small bits and pieces of what this life-long journey has to offer.

There might have been countless times when one must have said “kahan phas gaya/gayi” when the other half becomes a pain in the neck at times, well, probably all the time… Nonetheless, you cannot stay apart from them for too long either!

Well, we have seen a couple with the same happening chemistry on TV!

Bollywood’s superstar Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistan’s very own diva Aisha Khan are back with a bang in yet another hilarious Kenwood TVC campaign!

The brand first introduced this duo on screen with their Inverter AC campaign in 2017. The hilarious slice-of-life series will surely be remembered for years to come, so much so, it has even bagged the award for Best in TV at Pakistan Advertisers Society Awards (2018).

The couple has won our hearts for their bitter-sweet nok jhok and we bet all couples have found themselves in such a situation at least once in their lifetime. Nonetheless, the beautiful bond between two people in this relationship is indeed one of the most unique and life-long interconnections that one may come across.

This time around, Nawazuddin and Aisha are discussing how they have saved a decent amount from their utility bill by installing the new eSmart AC!

Bragging about how smart and beneficial his investment was, Nawaz continues to praise the AC and adds the fact that it is very easy to maintain and can be operated with his smartphone via the AC FREEDOM app! Excited to learn all about this application, Aisha asks him to pass his phone so she can try it herself.

Realizing that he may have just bit his own tongue, Nawaz tells her she can do it from her phone too. Soon, the husband finds himself in hot water after the starlet grasps that her hubby dear was beating around the bush.

Being the ‘Don’ of the household, she makes sure he gives her what she wants! Stammering and confused, the scared chap has no other option and gives up at last!

Kenwood has used this amusing Indo-Pak pair in the most relatable yet hilarious of ways in their latest TVC campaign. From the chemistry to their expressions and of course the relatable situations, this is the strategy of success which the brand has clearly aced!

The best part of the entire ad is the Mano Billi punch line which is a guaranteed laugh!

Save 75% of your Electricity This Summer with Kenwood’s eSmart AC 

With the blazing heat and intense summer weather, electricity bills have seemed to be breaking through the roof! The brand has perfectly timed their 7-Star eSmart AC campaign.

Not only it is 75% energy efficient, it is also equipped with a tropical compressor (which makes it perform efficiently even at 63 degree Celsius), is easy to install, and can also be operated remotely via the AC Freedom application, which is available both for iOS and Android!

Giving us laughter fits, Kenwood has done a marvelous job of creating relatable situations with a twist of desi couple nok jhok here and there. Afterall, you better not let the cat bite your tongue if you want to sleep in your bed tonight!

Stay tuned to Kenwood Pakistan’s official channel for more updated as the story builds on this season!