“Born with a Silver Spoon”  would have been the term for the new mother Kareen Kapoor Khan and father Saif Ali Khan’s newborn bundle of joy, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Unfortunately for the little lad, that was not the case, instead, his name became of the most trending trends on Twitter the moment his name was released.

Receiving a mixed reaction from Indians, and some Pakistanis, a new controversy has taken over Twitter in regards to baby Taimur’s name.

For those who do not know why this controversial trend is going viral, you can scroll down to the history of Timur Lang, the conqueror and the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia before coming back to the reactions.

Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan’s Son Taimur Ali Khan’s Pictures You Must Not Miss!

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Meanwhile, the whole of Bollywood is rejoicing over Taimur’s birth and are congratulating the proud parents!

Timur Lang

In 1398, Timur invaded northern India, attacking the Delhi Sultanate ruled by Sultan Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq of the Tughlaq Dynasty. Timur crossed the Indus River at Attock (now Pakistan) on 24 September 1398. arriving in Delhi in 1398, to fight the armies of Sultan Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq, which had already been weakened by a succession struggle within the royal family.

The battle took place on 17 December 1398. Sultan Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq and the army of Mallu Iqbal had war elephants armoured with chain mail and poison on their tusks. Timur capitalised on the subsequent disruption in the forces of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq, securing an easy victory. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq fled with remnants of his forces. Delhi was sacked and left in ruins. Before the battle for Delhi, Timur executed 100,000 captives.

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