Earlier on, a resident of the City of Lights found a look-alike to Virat Kohli working away behind the counter in a pizza outlet, Dominos on Shaheed-e-Millat. The news caused quite a confusion with people thinking Virat was in Karachi!

It does seem like everyone is now on the lookout for celebrity doppelganger at all times. It has been reported that a Pakistani Justin Bieber has been spotted in Rawalpindi. Omer Khalil has an uncanny resemblance to the pop sensation, Bieber and people cannot believe it!

Here are a few pictures that will leave you puzzled!

Can you guess which one’s the real Justin Bieber?

Will the Real Justin Bieber please stand up?!!

Omer Khalil shares an uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber and mentioned to an Indian daily it was his friends that first noticed the similarity.

This picture will remind you of the younger Bieber!


While some still believe Omer does not resemble Justin, what do you think about the Pindi boy? Let us know in the comments below.

Was Virat Kohli in Pakistan? [Watch Video]

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