In the wake of recurring floods that have devastated Sindh, Pakistan, JazzCash has been a beacon of hope for the affected families. With a legacy of providing flood relief funds and emergency assistance, JazzCash continues to significantly impact the lives of those struggling to recover from this natural disaster.

In a significant step, JazzCash has partnered with the Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project (SFERP), backed by the Government of Sindh and the World Bank.

The SFERP program will assist approximately two million flood-affected families with essential cash assistance. JazzCash wallets will serve as the medium for disbursing these funds. PKR 15 billion will be disbursed, with each family receiving up to PKR 17,500 to aid in their rehabilitation.

This partnership is part of JazzCash’s long-term commitment to enabling rehabilitation for families after the devastation caused by floods.

In 2022, Jazz, in collaboration with JazzCash and sister concern Mobilink Microfinance Bank, pledged PKR 1 billion towards flood relief efforts.

This commitment included fund disbursements and the distribution of emergency supplies such as shelter, food items, and medical supplies. JazzCash worked closely with NGOs and the government to ensure the effective distribution of relief funds.

In another significant step in the past, JazzCash onboarded 11 partners for the disbursement of funds. As a part of this program, JazzCash has disbursed PKR 4 billion and counting to support flood-affected families through its nationwide network of agents.

During this program, JazzCash customers demonstrated their generosity by contributing PKR 151 million through in-app donations on the JazzCash platform.

JazzCash’s recent collaboration with the Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Programme is geared toward addressing the immediate needs and challenges faced by flood-affected families. This partnership seeks to provide financial assistance and the means for these communities to rebuild their lives.

By harnessing the power of technology and leveraging JazzCash’s extensive agent network, this program aims to empower flood-affected communities. Mobile wallets will ensure that even those in the remotest areas can receive funds and access the assistance they require.

With a history of substantial contributions and a current partnership with SFERP, JazzCash continues to be a lifeline for those in need. By providing financial assistance and leveraging technology for inclusivity, JazzCash is helping families rebuild their lives and contributing to the broader vision of a digitally enabled and financially empowered Pakistan.