Internet Registry Pakistan resolution is recently passed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board. The resolution aims to enable Pakistani community to use and register domain names in native languages of Pakistan.

Anusha Rahman, Minister for IT and Telecom, said:

“This is an important milestone to proliferate the digitization in Pakistan through local content. IT Minister lauded the efforts of team MoIT, multi-stakeholder technical committee members on internet registry Pakistan, and team NTC on achieving this major internet governance initiative.”

Minister of IT and Telecom processed a delegation request for internet registry Pakistan in late December 2016. It was done after consulting the stakeholder’s committee members from Academia, Civil Society, Internet Community, ISPAK, National Language Authorities, PASHA, PTA, Governments etc.

We won’t forget to mention that the preparation and evaluation stages of ICANN Fast track for IDN ccTLDs have been completed by Pakistan.

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, manages and coordinates the Domain Name System (DNS) and makes sure that the address is unique and all internet users can find valid internet addresses.

After the resolution is passed, National Telecommunication Corporation will manage the internet registry Pakistan.

This can benefit locals and give a rise to various opportunities to natives of Pakistan when they will be using native languages and scripts. Ministry if IT and Telecom have worked hard to bring this to Pakistan.

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