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Just the thought of those big furry critters can send chills down your spine!

These night crawlers are often spotted in and around garbage dumps, abandoned houses and buildings, and of course, parking spaces!

Can you ever imagine finding them chewing on the wires of your car engine? The same engine that costs you thousands of Rupees to maintain.

For some reason, these vermin love chewing on wires as much as Joey Tribbiani loves food… if you know what I mean…

The reason why these animals make their way to your car engine is that they like warm places.

Because the engine remains hot after you park for quite some time, they make themselves cozy there, plus it’s dark, just how they like it.

The worst part of this is that they can easily make their way to the engine and make a nest while causing massive damage to it by chewing the wires.

To keep these stray animals and rodents away from your ride, there are a few steps you can take.

1. Steer Clear of Dustbins and Debris

When you park your car at night, try to park away from garbage dumps, bins, and debris. Rats and other animals are fond of such places, the chances of them eating away at your engine become high. The further these hungry critters are away from the car, the better.

2. Use Chemicals to Keep Them Away

You can hang a small net pouch under the car with naphthalene balls, but be sure to keep it away from hot engine parts and air intakes so that the chemical’s smell does not make its way into the car. You can also use tabacco for the same technique as an alternative as well.

3. Pest Deterrent

Sprinkle a good amount of deterrent around your vehicle. The order will keep those buggers away from your vehicle.

4. Bang on the Hood

Before you sit inside and start the engine, be sure to bang on the hood so that the strays inside come out before things get messy!

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