Ask any employer, what it seeks in an employee and the word ‘professionalism’ will hardly be missed.

Ironically, especially in Pakistan this word is directly correlated to the way you dress up in any organization. These days, an employee is regarded as a ‘face of a firm’. Simply put, you can hardly afford to ignore the decorum demanded by your workplace if you seriously aspire a promising career.

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We understand that the act of dressing professionally every day can be a very tricky business; therefore, we bring to you some simple Do’s and Dont’s to make your job easier.


  1. Say big NO to bermudas!


Save your favorite bermudas for your next boys night out not your work.

2. Save that sporty look for the next Pakistan-India match!


We understand that struggling 9-5 with new challenges every day is no less than a game. But remember playing around suited is also the part of the game!

3. Pants are no good without a belt!

pants without belt

Don’t you think who would even bother to look ‘there’? Everyone would!

4. Never out-dress your boss


Dress for the job you have not for the job you want!

5.Wearing sneakers/joggers on dress pants is funny, not professional

sneakers under pants

Impression set above should be carried right to the end!

6. T-shirt paired with dress pants is more vague than professional

tshirt under dress pants

It’s about the right combination. T-shirts and pants don’t quite dwell together.

7. Don’t experiment with your beard and hairstyles when you have to show up in office the next day


Be extra cautious when playing with your look; it might take a while to get corrected.

8. Half sleeves with tie – Not ACCEPTABLE!

half sleeves with tie

It is found so commonly that it’s easier to get deceived to include it in the acceptable category.However, its strictly not ACCEPTABLE!


1. Add business casuals to your wardrobe.

business casuals

Simple yet professional works every day, every time!

4. Neck-tie of the appropriate length


How to check if it’s of appropriate length? The tie should touch the top of your belt.

5. Polished dress shoes for boys 


Remember: What you have on your feet can make or break any look.

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Have more to add in the list? Share with us in the comments below!