Summers, in Pakistan, are always a test of your endurance. The sweltering heat and the high humidity makes one ache for a tasty and refreshing drink. Luckily, Pakistanis know of a magical drink which not only helps them combat the sizzling temperature but keeps them invigorated all day long.

Made from one hundred percent natural ingredients and hinted with a tinge of rose flavored cordials, Jam e Shirin is an immensely popular drink of the East. Be it the vibrant red color of the drink or the appetizing aroma of beverage, Qarshi Jam e Shirin has been the favorite drink of the East for decades.

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Contrary to the soft drinks and synthetic juices available in the market these days, Jam e Shirin is not only pleasing for your taste buds, but it has the added benefit of being a very healthy drink. The herbs from which Jam e Shirin is made of have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect to them. Jam e Shirin is a very light drink which will not cause any problems for your digestive track.

The chief component of Jam e Shirin is refined sugar. It is a mixture of multiple herbs and essence of rose. Sandalwood, thatch screwpine, stone flowers, and vetiver are the herbs used in the making of Jam e Shirin. These herbs have a proven history of medical benefits as they are anti-inflammatory in nature and when consumed, provide a cooling effect for the body. Along with these herbs,  sodium benzoate and citric acid are added in jam e Shirin as preservatives. All of the ingredients are completely harmless and derived from nature.

Normal drinks have a number of chemicals and preservatives in them. They can be harmful in the long run. Jam e Shirin is free from all and 100% natural. This means you can enjoy it all the year round without any worry.

Jam e Shirin has multiple utilities. It can be used as a drink and can be added to both water and milk. Get creative with Jam e Shirin by drizzling it over ice cream or any other cool desert, as it does not only enhance the taste of the dessert but makes it all the more appealing to look at.

Jam e Shirin is available in a number of tastes which are:

  1. the regular jam e Shirin
  2. Sugar-free (especially for diabetics)
  3. Lemon flavored jam e Shirin
  4. Calcium enriched jam e Shirin
  5. Jam e Shirin sugar lite (for diet conscious consumers)