For the first time ever, a team from internet giant, Google, will visit Pakistani universities in the upcoming days to train students and equip them with Google’s tools and services. This tour will be carried out from 30th August- 9th September 2016 in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Topi, and Gujrat.

Primarily targeting developers, bloggers, and designers, the training will help the students earn money while giving them access to advanced tools, which are optimal for Google services. During the training, everyone will be taught about two powerful tools, Google AdSense and Google AdMob.

Google AdSense & AdMob

AdSense is a tool from the company to help individuals make money directly from their website. This happens by placing a targeted ad on the website, and when the ad is clicked upon or is seen, the owner of the site will get paid.

Google Pakistan

AdMob helps developers earn money through applications by placing in-app ads. This includes different forms of ads, like videos, banners, native, and interstitials. The tool also ensures that the user’s mobile experience is not being compromised in any way while doing so.

Venues for the Event

  • Tue. 30th August, 2016
    Institute of Business Administration (IBA)Karachi. Pakistan.
  • Wed. 31st August, 2016
    NED University of Engineering & Technology (NED)Karachi. Pakistan.
  • Thu. 01st September, 2016
    National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)Islamabad. Pakistan.
  • Fri. 02nd September, 2016
    GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (GIKI)Topi. Pakistan.
  • Mon. 05th September, 2016
    Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)Lahore. Pakistan.
  • Tue. 06th September, 2016
    University of Gujrat (UOG)Gujrat. Pakistan.
  • Wed. 07th September, 2016
    University of Central Punjab (UCP)Lahore. Pakistan.
  • Thu. 08th September, 2016
    National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)Lahore. Pakistan.
  • Fri. 09th September, 2016
    University of Engineering & Technology (UET)Lahore. Pakistan.


You can register by clicking here. Hurry as seats are limited!