Karachi, January 16, 2024: With General Elections scheduled to be held on February 8, 2024, many Pakistanis will be searching for information online about the political parties and other related topics to help them navigate the electoral process.

To help the media outlets and general public get easy access to this data, Google has set up a Google Trends Pakistan General Election page, a tool that exhibits the top search queries, topics, and interests in parties contesting the elections. The page also includes data on the top election-related topics searched in each part of the country, such as the economy, taxes, and wages, among others.

All the charts from the Google trends page are embeddable on any site and will continue to update even after they’re placed on an outlet’s site.

It’s important to note that the Google Trends Pakistan General Election page is not a poll or survey and does not reflect voting intentions. It merely reflects people’s search interest about particular topics at a local level over a period of time. A spike in a particular search query does not reflect that a political party is somehow “more popular” or “winning”.

For more information including how to maximize the trends page, visit the Google News Initiative’s website. Explore more Google Trends at google.com/trends.