As promised, Google launched the ‘Backup & Sync’ desktop app for its users to make it easier to backup photos and files to their computers.

According to Tech Crunch, the utility is meant to replace the older Google Photos desktop app, as well as the Google Drive client applications for both Mac and PC.

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How it Works

The application uses a user-friendly and simple interface to keep things simple for the users. The user needs to sign-in into their account, select the folders you want Google to continually back up to Google Drive.

According to the source, the new software can also be used to backup photos from USB-connected devices, like cameras, as well as SD cards. After the backup is complete, your files can be accessed in Google Drive from any device — including your computer, phone or tablet. Your photos and videos, meanwhile, will be available in Google Photos.


What are your thoughts about the new application?

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