If you haven’t caught on to the Finale, then you better flee. Because there are some dragon sized spoilers up ahead!

Ever since the world found out that there’s only one season left to the gripping phenomena that is Game of Thrones, people have been confused and concerned about the loose ends. Turns out, George R.R Martin being the genius that he is, has pages and pages of complex back stories, to tie up all the loose ends and let the world breathe a sigh of relief.

It seems like they hit the pedal to get to some serious and most awaited reveals of the show, in the latest finale. It gave the fans the long awaited revenge of the Stark sisters, the Clegane brothers’ confrontation, Theon minor victory, Jon Snow’s parentage reveal, the Royal bedding scene, Cersei’s confrontations with not one, but both of her brothers.

They also took the song of Ice and Fire pretty literal! It’s only natural that twitter lost its cool, and went berserk with every reveal.

He spoke what we’ve all been thinking!


We’re Dying!

OH, MY GOD! Is this a not so subtle hint for the next season? 

We have truly evolved.

And of course, people had a lot of feelings about the Starks.

I think this was all of us during the finale!

From ‘Winter in coming’ to ‘Winter is finally here!!’

Now, of course, the world is going through a crisis, which is the wait for the next season.

Keep calm and pray on people.

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