In the era of breaking news and getting the juiciest scoop to audiences, media houses sometimes twist news reports which then result in ‘fake news’.

A similar case has been reported by Abb Takk News who have claimed that the Pakistani Senate has approved a motion to declare Mandarin as one of the official languages of Pakistan.

The tweet that created the buzz over the Internet mentions the Chinese Language being declared as the official language!

The motion, on the other hand, was completely different and highly misreported by the news channel.

The resolution moved was as follows: 

“The House recommends that, in view of the growing collaboration between Pakistan and China under the CPEC, courses of the official Chinese Language should be launched for current and prospective Pakistani CPEC human resource in order to overcome and costly communication barriers.”

However, the Abb Takk tweet created havoc on Twitter and reactions began pouring in from Pakistanis and a few people across the border joined in too!


Pakistani actress Armeena Rana Khan also shared her thoughts on the strange news!

Twitterverse was outraged at the idea!

However, people soon caught on to the truth and the actual resolution was posted!

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