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There are many prime locations in the world. Whether it is towards the West side or the far East, the landmarks are endless. Where Rome is known for the history behind its landmarks, Singapore is known for the beauty of it. The very essence that lies in the area of Malaysia has a lot to offer people. It seems that Faisal Mosque is among the top 50 most beautiful buildings in the world. Additionally, this is being backed up by scientific facts!

Pakistan has quite a lot of landmarks which are worth glancing over. You can take a stroll through any city of the country and still come up with places worth watching. If you are familiar with the northern areas of Pakistan, you must be aware of the beauty those locations hold. If we come down from the high north, till Islamabad, there is much to see over there too. Today we take a look at one of the most known places in the world. It is the Faisal Mosque located in Islamabad.

Faisal mosque among top 50
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Major Attractions:

Pakistan has a major part of its revenue generated from tourism. It seems that agriculture is not the only place where one is seen doing development. Every year, Pakistan sees millions of tourists pour in from all over the world. Despite there being a pandemic, 2021 is showing a lot of promise in terms of tourism. The government has even decided to place fast speed internet in northern areas where networks are weak.

So, what makes something appear on the top 50 beautiful buildings list? It is said that each building holds, behind it, a specific formula. Through the eyes of an architect, a building is more than just bricks and cement. For them, it is an intricate challenge, a mountain they must summit. To bring forward the perfect construction, one would use the ‘Golden Ratio’. It is mathematical calculation that can be seen in nearly every building today. Without it, sound construction may not be even possible.

golden ratio and Faisal mosque
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Faisal Mosque Among The Fifty:

The Golden Ratio explains the symmetry between two proportions. The Faisal Mosque is built on a contemporary 8 sided design. It took nearly a decade to build this mosque and it is one of the most attractive mosques ever seen. There is an apparent hint of the golden ratio that resonates all across the place. Its design is also inspired by a typical Bedouin tent.

While it is an attractive building to look at, it is also one of the most important places of worship. This complex yet beautiful design has landed the mosque in a list of most beautiful buildings in the world. It is quite impressive to know that the Faisal mosque lies in the top 50! We have ranked number 16 on this list, with the St. Paul’s Cathedral being at the top.

This is definitely a moment of pride for us because we get hints of the talent present within Pakistan. If we can build something so beautiful and symmetrical, what else can’t we do?

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