Dysin Automobiles Limited, known for their Sino Trucks, have launched their new ZhongTong Intercity Bus service in the city of Lahore.Their buses will be launched in 2 different variants, ‘Navigator’ an ‘Elegance’.

Their buses will be launched in 2 different variants, ‘Navigator’ and ‘Elegance’. Currently, the company is amongst the top 3 best-selling manufacturers for buses, with a yearly sale of 25,000 units.

The Dysin launch ceremony was attended by the core team including CEO Dysin Automobiles Imran Malik, COO Mir Asad Waseem, Director Sardar Jawaid Durrani, Head of Sales & Marketing Ahmed Sana Zaidi, Project Manager Rehan Raheem Bhatti and Marketing Manager Muhammad Umar Irshad.

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