According to the latest buzz, Dr. Shahid Masood has quit ARY for the 2nd time to join BOL Network! Shahid Masood is a renowned political writer, analyst, television host, and journalist who, we can say, is notoriously known for switching channels. He has been a part of a lot of channels over the course of his career including, ARY, GEO, and News One.

Masood was recently victimized by Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) when they banned his ARY News program for 45 days, titled ‘Live with Dr. Shahid Masood.

The political analyst appeared on a live show on Monday 14th November at 8 PM on BOL Network.

Watch video of Shahid Masood’s live show of BOL Network below:

Shahid Masood Left Ary News & Joined Bol Tv by aman57


The show was banned by PEMRA  because it showed allegations and accusations being imposed on chief justice Sindh High Court in an episode, PEMRA clarified.

PEMRA was slammed by many after imposing a ban on the Shahid Masood’s show. They mocked PEMRA’s order, terming the decision as a biased stand.

CEO ARY Salman Iqbal tweeted, bashing PEMRA himself .

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PEMRA Bans ARY News Program ‘Live with Dr. Shahid Masood’ for 45 Days

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