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Update: Minor girl Nishwa, who was taken to Darul Sehat Hospital in Karachi and was given the wrong injection is no more.

After being injected with the wrong medication, 9-month old Nishwa became paralyzed due to an overdose of potassium chloride which drastically deteriorated her brain cells.

A two-member body was also formed to probe the case of doctors’ neglect. The hospital took full responsibility for the error and her treatment.


An investigation is underway after a 9-month old girl in Karachi became paralyzed after being injected with the wrong injection.

Reportedly, Nishwa was taken to Darul Sehat Hospital hospital after she was experiencing gastric problems.

The parents of the child claim that due to medical negligence, she was given the wrong medication. Consequently, the baby lost control of her mind and body and a fastened heartbeat eventually leading the child to the ventilator.

The father reported to the media:

“An on-duty doctor told me that condition of my daughter would be better till morning if I leave her for one night. A nursing staff member, Moiz, came in and administered a drip.”

“The injection which needs 24 hours to be dissolved into the body was administered once that worsened my daughter’s condition and her lips went yellow.”

“My daughter was kept on the ventilator for next one week at the hospital and she was paralyzed when doctors removed her from the vent machine”

Case Filed Against the Hospital

The father has now registered a case against the hospital’s administration as he holds them responsible for his daughter’s current condition.

Advisor to Chief Minister on Information, Murtaza Wahab has taken notice of the incident. He shared that the government will give their full cooperation to the family and when proven to be guilty proper action will be taken accordingly.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA), Khurram Sher Zaman, expressed outrage over the incident. He slammed the Sindh government for failing to keep a check on the deteriorating state of hospitals in the province

The hospital administration has accepted full responsibility of investigating the case and have agreed to bear all costs for her treatment.

An official statement was also issued by the Institute on the matter.

Darul Sehat

Celebrities Pray for Baby Nishwa

Various celebrities have taken it to Twitter and other social media platforms to pray for the health of the beautiful baby Nishwa who became a victim of medical negligence.


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i cant sleep please pray dil se #babynashmia

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